Uppsala University: Programme

7th of May

16.00  Introduction and presentation of theme and participants
Room: 4-2007

17.00  First keynote: Elina Vuola – Continuity and change. Theological perspectives on Lived Religion and Gender
Room: 4-2007

18.30  Welcome Reception

8th of May 

9.00  Second keynote: Pia Karlsson Minganti – Normative Secularism, Reflexivity and the Marginalization of Muslim Women’s Faith-Based Agency
Room: 4-2007

10.30  Break – coffee/tea

11.00  Paper sessions 1 & 2

Session 1
Room: 4-2007

Susanne Nylund Skog – Categories, positions and identification in everyday storytelling

Elisabeth Gerle – Between sun and shadow – negotiating between the extremes

Marja-Liisa Swantz – Relevance of Women and Religion in African Anthropological Perspective

Adolph Weich – The tobacco pipe among the Xhosa women of South Africa; Between religious and secular smoking

Session 2
Room: 2:0076

Katarina Westerlund – Secularism and Motherhood – a Swedish case

Martha Middlemiss Lé Mon – Being a good Christian mum: negotiating religious identity in contemporary Sweden

Rannveig Haga  – “Teaching children to swim without water”: Somali Mothers on Raising children to Become “Good” Muslims in Scandinavia

Marie Vejrup Nielsen – “Everyday secularism” and majority religion

13.00  Lunch

14.00  Paper sessions 3 & 4

Session 3
Room: 4-2007

Kim Lecoyer – Women’s agency in negotiating faith-based family dispute resolution in a secular state and society: A case study of non-state Muslim family justice in Belgium

Esther van Eijk – ‘He still considers me his wife’ – Dutch women seeking religious divorce

Marianne Bøe – Religious law and everyday life: Shifting practices of mahr (Islamic dower) in legal pluralistic Norway

Session 4
Room: 2:0076

Chiara Maritato – The Preachers (Vaizeler) and the State. Everyday Female Religious Socialization within the Frame of the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs

Elena Romashko – Women’s religious agency in post-Chernobyl Belarus

Annette Leis-Peters – By his side. Deaconesses’ Negotiations with Changes in Welfare Society

Johanna Pelkonen – Women discuss their belongings – Lestadian agency turns open

16.00  Break – coffee/tea

16.15  Closing session
Room: 4-2007

17.00  End

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