Lisbon: Keynote speakers

Chia Longman [Ghent University]

clongmanChia Longman is an Associate Professor in Gender Studies at Ghent University. She is the Director of the Centre for Research on Culture and Gender and the Director of the Inter University Master Programme in Gender and Diversity, and she is part of the advisory board of the journals Religion and Gender and Tijdschrift voor genderstudies (Dutch journal for gender studies).

She held visiting positions at Harvard University, University of London, Antwerp University and University of Hull. She extensively worked on Gender, Culture and Religion – she is currently working on the ethnographic research project Postsecular Femininities: Women’s Spirituality in Contemporary Well-Being Culture.

Among her publications, Interrogating Harmful Cultural Practices: Gender, Culture and Coercion, Farnham: Ashgate, 2015 (ed. with Tamsin Bradley), Féminisme et multiculturalisme. Les paradoxes du debat, Peter Lang, 2010 (Ed. with G. Coene), ‘Mothering as a citizenship practice. An intersectional analysis of “carework” and “culturework” in non-normative mother-child identities’. Citizenship Studies, vol. 17, nr. 3, June 2013 (with Katrien De Graeve & Tine Brouckaert), ‘Sacrificing the Career or the Family? Orthodox Jewish Women in between Secular Work and the Sacred Home’, European Journal of Women’s Studies, special issue ‘Questioning the Secular’, 15(3), 2008, pp. 223-239.

Title of the keynote speech: Is Forced Unveiling a Harmful Secular Practice? 

Teresa Toldy [Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Fernando Pessoa University, Porto]

LISBOA 16/04/2010 .Entrevista com a teologa Teresa Toldy . Na foto - Teresa Toldy . ( Paulo Spranger / Global Imagens) .

Teresa Maria Leal de Assunção Martinho Toldy, is Professor at the Fernando Pessoa University and Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies (University of Coimbra) where she is the Coordinator of POLICREDOS Observatory (Religion in Public Space). She is the Chair of the Portuguese Association of Feminist Theologies and former Vice-Chair of the Portuguese Association on Women’s Studies (2009-2014). She is member of the International Editorial Board of Religion & Gender and member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the European Society of Women in Theological Research. She extensively worked on Feminist theology, and she is currently working on Human Rights and Feminist theologies.

Among her publications, Henriques, Fernanda; Toldy, Teresa (orgs.) (2012), Mulheres que Ousaram Ficar. Contributos para a Teologia Feminista. Porto: Letras & Coisas, (2015) “Der Glaube kommt vom Hören” – Was hören christliche Frauen?, in S. Ernst e G. Gäde (eds.), Glaubensverantwortung in Theologie, Pastoral und Ethik. Für Peter Knauer SJ. Freiburg-Basel-Wien: Herder, 378-401, (2013) “”O efeito borboleta”: ecologia e teologias feministas da libertação”, Caminhos, 11, 2, 94-108, (2012), “Sisterhood in different voices? Religion, secularism and women rights”, Journal of the European Society of Women in Theological Research, 20, 59-86. (2011), ““Secularist Dreams” and “Women’s Rights”: Notes on an “Ambiguous Relationship” “, RCCS – Annual Review. An online journal for the social sciences and humanities, 3.

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